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Concepts and studies

These concepts, studies and sketches are part of the visual processing of images that I will eventually use for drawings and paintings. Over time the process has evolved and, it is continuing to evolve due to the discovery of visual elements and the development of techniques that make them feasible.


A variety of concepts, studies and sketches are hereby presented that include figurative, abstract sketches, and studies for visual speculation or compositional studies. That is, studies for the sake of investigating relevant aspects of an image to further develop ideas or concepts.


At a more basic level, these concepts, studies and sketches are an attempt to strengthen images, or for unveiling how some images can be adopted or used as part of my visual vocabulary. By strengthening an image I mean to make it more visually salient, or for changing the purpose of its saliency. To discover the relevance of an image, sometimes I work from pictures. That is, when understanding the image leads to revealing its purpose, or how to make a somewhat confusing image salient.

And finally, and not less important, I carry out these concepts, studies and sketches because I deeply enjoy doing them. In the following pages you'll find some of those images without a specific or chronological order.

2007 car sketch
Life drawing 2014
Sketch at 2016 HK Charter Rd Classic Car Club
Soft lines study 25
The gate
The tree woman
Abstract study
Girl fast sketch at a HK Starbucks
Sketching in the garden


The explosion
Reflection at the coffee shop
Study for three girls

16 January 2023






























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