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The Rose Project

Initiated in 1997 as a submission for a show called Divine, “The name of the rose” (see triptych below) was adopted as a reference to Umberto Eco's novel and film with the same title. The association to Ecco’s work is conceptual in essence for the novel symbolism is centred on the search for knowledge and truth. We are normally caught in a struggle to make sense of reality amid the confusion we experiment lost in the labyrinth represented by the rose, which truth is frequently transient, delicate and elusive.


Most cultures have associated spiritual and mythical meanings to roses.  Christian and Muslim mystics believed that God could be found within the petals of a rose. I associated this idea to the quest for integrity of the mind. That is, thinking and feeling go in hand, and the result is the rose itself in the centre. Similarly, in the novel, the philosophical conflict between William of Baskerville (the Franciscan Friar), and the religious zeal of Jorge of Burgos (the librarian) and Bernard Gui (the Dominican Inquisitor) showed a need to harmonize reason and faith to solve the string of murders at the convent. The rose in the central panel is the quest for clarity and wholeness, within my capacity to make sense of the external and internal worlds as perceived by my mind.

In 2000, a series of drawings and paintings was started addressing the same subject as an expression of my work within the rose itself. In the late 2000s this series was interrupted due to professional and family reasons. Finally, I was able to conclude it in 2021. Please, see below for learning about The Rose Project series.


The name of the rose: God within its petals

The Name of the Rose or the integrity of the mind

The name of the rose, triptych, mixed media, 3 x 76.2cm x 76.2cm, 1997

Rosa caótica

Rosa caótica, charcoal and pencil on BFK Rives, 112.4cm x 76.2cm, 2001

Rosa misteriosa

Rosa misteriosa, charcoal and pencil on BFK Rives, 104.8cm x 74.9cm, 2001

Rosa blanca

Rosa blanca, charcoal and pencil on BFK Rives, 112.4cm x 76.2cm, 2002

There are no truths but perspectives

Perspectives, Digital, 2002

Rosa maravillosa #1

Rosa maravillosa #1, oil on paper glued onto a board, 47.0cm x 38.1cm, 2002

Rosa voluptuosa

Rosa voluptuosa,charcoal and pencil on BFK Rives, 101.6cm x 66.0cm, 2001

Rosa maravillosa #3

Rosa maravillosa #3, oil on paper glued onto a board, 34.9cm x 29.2cm, 2003

Rosa nerviosa

Rosa nerviosa, charcoal and pencil on paper, 101.8cm x 66.8cm, 2003

Rosa deseosa

Rosa deseosa, charcoal and pencil on paper, 101.7cm x 67.0cm, 2003

Rosa lujuriosa

Rosa lujuriosa, oil on canvas, 86.4cm x 71.1cm, 2004

Rosa grandiosa

Rosa grandiosa, oil on canvas, 127.0cm x 81.3cm, 2004

Rosa cavernosa

Rosa cavernosa, oil on canvas, 86.4cm x 71.1cm, 2005

Rosa ambiciosa

Rosa ambiciosa, oil on canvas, 86.4cm x 71.1cm, 2006


Rosa amistosa, oil on canvas, 30.5cm x 30.5cm, 2020


Rosa amistosa, oil on canvas glued onto a panel, 99.0cm x 91.0cm, 2021

02 May 2021

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