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Alberto E. Martorana, Fine Artist currently resides in Toronto, Canada.


He aims at making relevant fine art in an age dominated by conformity and BS.


Although his artwork does not follow present conventions represented by VIP art (Video-Installation-Performance), it embodies a tradition in fine art. Will the 21st Century see a revival of drawings' and paintings' tradition? He hopes his work will be part of that revival.


His traditional and experimental drawings and paintings satisfy his dedicated vision to achieve relevant fine art.


It is an attempt at revealing mysteries hidden to the view of everyone that only a fine artist can present by his way of seeing, and by the craftsmanship of his drawings and paintings.


His ambition as a fine artist is to impact the viewer through images, as he believes that in the creative process, nature must abide by the laws of creation of the artist. Only the fine artist can transform matter through the clarity of his vision.


After suffering a serious accident in Hong Kong that terminated his career in the engineering consulting field, he now devotes his time as a fine artist by producing traditional and experimental drawings and paintings.


08 January 2023

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